Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof, agile and cheerful VR western shooter

The independent studio MiroWin announced that its agile and cheerful VR western shooter Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof has officially launched out of Steam Early Access and Oculus Early Access with jokes, shots and explosions!

The release version of the game is available on Steam and Oculus Stores.

Our cowboys comes from Hollywood, so they do not waste time for reloading weapons, can dodge bullets and easily deal with hordes fearsome, but invariably comical enemies.

You will not be languish with the boredom and monotony of traditional westerns, because we added to the game an impressive arsenal of firearms, throwing weapons, and even futuristic weapons.

Those of you who will not skip storyline will be able to see in the game more than the “regular wave shooter.” (Take advantage of this to take a breath after the heated shootings).
We are sure that you will appreciate the diversity of locations, the jokes of old Bill and the driving soundtrack of the western and blues rock.

Yes, with unaccustomed you can get tired legs, hands and especially your fingers, but  true immersion in another world must to respond to all our senses. Isn’t it?
“Mobilis in Mobili””
MiroWin Team.

Since the coming to the Early Access, game has grown up and greatly transformed. The graphics and game mechanics was significantly improved. New features and game modes also was added.
The story campaign now consists of three chapters and takes place in nine different locations. Players will be able to fight with variety types of enemies and three Bosses, using twelve types of weapons.

And that’s not all!
The official release is marked by a big update, which is adding to the game six different trials – they will opened after the main storyline is completed.

In addition, players can enable/disable the indication of damage and blood.
And at last you can earn achievements, and your skill of passing each level will be appreciated by Sheriff stars!

Bonus levels:


  • A hot spot that that may not survive the attack of bandits.
  • Players will have to keep the defense of the building trying to eliminate all enemies not allowing the heated bandits inside the building.
  • New enemies: Naked giants with hearts over their heads

Whiskey Storage:

  • Our whiskey is under the threat!
  • Bandits aim to stop the loading of boxes with whiskey on the rail station using a new type of drones. You can’t lose your whiskey!
  • New enemies: Drones wearing sombreros.

Happy Farm:

  • You have to protect the Bill’s barn with his favorite piggy inside!
  • Bandits decided to harm Bill, sending to his farm squads with explosives.
  • New enemies: Bombers with dynamite.

Bandits Camp:

  • Sweet revenge!
  • Bill decides to take revenge on the robbers for the farm and strikes back! Bill is consistently teleported to the key points of the Camp, smashing everything on his way.

Bank Robbery:

  • There is no good without a bank robbery!
  • The gold stock of the entire state is under the threat, and the situation cannot be solved without Bill and his beloved guns.
  • All your reaction speed is required here. Your enemies can die from 1 or 2 nice shots but their shots do double-damage.

Bill’s Nightmare:

  • Well, hell!
  • Bill sees a nightmare in which he finds himself in the cemetery..
  • New enemies: Don’t worry, there will be no tiresome zombies.
  • New weapon: Six-barrel machine gun “Best Friend”

New game features:

  • Digital indication of the inflicted damage (can be turned off in the menu settings).

Now you will know for sure how much damage you do when hit the armor, head or a body. Oh, yeah, – the same goes for the hats!

  • Option to turn off the blood

Now the childrens can play the game.

  • Stars:

Everybody knows that the Sheriff Stars are never too much.
That is why we’ve decided to encourage the quick-fire shooters with not onlyscoring but also with sheriff stars. After each level!
The more points you gain the more stars you receive. (At the moment five stars were able to get only our lead programmer. Сheater!)

  • Achievements:

It’s no good to do without super-duper gaming achievements, whose memorable signs will decorate the honorable list of your trophies?
For instance, not everyone can lose in the first 30 seconds of the game! True?
You will have to play hard to collect them all!


  • Increased damage from headshots.

We’ve decided to increase the damage from headshots, so that the most accurate shooters could sip their whiskey slowly, killing enemies from afar.

  • A bug with language selection is fixed.
  • Updated Tesla Gun, and new textures
  • Various skins for enemies.