Epic Western Game ‘High Noon 2’ Challenges You To Become The Ultimate Gunslinger In The West

Independent games developer and publisher ‘Happylatte’ has just released a major update to their critically acclaimed real-time free-to-play mobile dueling game, ‘High Noon 2’. The recent changes bring Gangs, new powerful duel items and extreme missions to the world of this thrilling western epic.

“We’re very excited to bring the Gangs feature to High Noon 2,” says Bjørn Stabell, CEO of Happylatte, “We have an extremely competitive and dedicated player-base, but so far they could only battle for top rankings and rewards on an individual basis.” That didn’t stop players from forming “unofficial” groups outside of the game though, as Stabell explains: “On our forums and social media, it quickly became clear people loved to form groups and battle each other as teams. The Gangs feature is therefore a natural addition based on our player’s feedback.”

Besides the new Gangs feature, this latest update offers a host of new additions: a range of more powerful duel items have been introduced, such as the Quadruple Dynamite and black bullets to give your ammunition some extra punch. A few swigs of Tequila can now help you heal those nasty wounds and you can customize your character with threads like the Native Warrior or Miss Indiana Outfit. The game also has improved Facebook integration, making it easier to s***list your friends and challenge them to a shootout.

Based on the Unity3D™ engine and available on both iOS and Android, “High Noon 2” is the sequel to High Noon, which has been downloaded more than 12 million times and has claimed the #1 spot as the top grossing game in more than 20 countries. High Noon 2 allows you to collect reward money and customize your character with an almost unlimited number of possibilities. You build your reputation and then protect your status as the bounty on your head attracts deadly competition from across the globe. Opponents are eliminated by improving your quickdraw, aiming, and reloading skills, with innovative gesture controls that make your smartphone feel like a gun. The game world now even includes a Blackjack table, in which you can beat other players to a game of cards when you’re tired of shooting it out.

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