Hidden Fortune, a Samsung Gear VR adventure/puzzler

the release of Hidden Fortune, Archiact’s virtual reality adventure/puzzle game for the Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus. Hidden Fortune is also planned to feature full support for Samsung’s recently revealed controller upon the hardware’s launch.

An all-new title developed by an independent studio, Hidden Fortune brings a unique twist of humour and adventure to the puzzle genre, and asks players to forget what they know about the classic hidden object game.
“We wanted to make a game that we knew we’d have a blast in, and would make players laugh,” said Ed Lago, Senior Producer at Archiact. “Hidden Fortune combines everything we love most in games—zany humour, colourful art, fun quests—and delivers it in an immersive VR experience.”

Hidden Fortune is an adventurous treasure hunt through a virtual world of charm and enchantment. As a young sorcerer on a daring quest to rescue their family, players must use their magic—cast forth by tapping the Gear VR touchpad—to explore the vivid world around them, and collect peculiar trinkets to aid in their mission. Players will solve tricky puzzles, meet quirky characters, and uncover secrets and treasures alike in this humourous VR title.

A game presented in an episodic series, Hidden Fortune’s first chapter is entitled “Outcast Cove.” Each future episode will feature all-new locations, quests, and collectable items to discover.

The first chapter of Hidden Fortune, “Outcast Cove,” is now available for $3.99 USD on Samsung Gear VR, with new chapters coming soon.