The ‘90s are back with arcade shoot ’em up game LIL TANKS (Video)

Indie dev Lead Money Games knows ‘90s arcades inside and out, and the result is this glorious shoot ’em up with impeccable pixel graphics, animation, and music.

The Cuur have invaded Earth and started terraforming the planet – changing the land and altering the atmosphere to their liking. In a last-ditch effort, Humanity’s greatest minds have come together to create a prototype vehicle program – code-named “Lil Tanks”.

You are dropped right in the middle of a chaotic battlefield where quick reflexes and weapon mastery are critical to victory. Be prepared to face off against more than 20 unique enemies – including laser turrets, aircraft, mechs, and deadly bosses who will stop at nothing to destroy your tank. Battle the Cuur across four different environments ranging from deserts and swamps to tundras and volcanic wastes. Luckily, a companion Lil Tank joins you in battle – so you never have to fight alone. This Lil Tank is indestructible and can operate independently – or be piloted by a local co-op player.

Turn your tank into the ultimate Cuur-killing death machine with a robust RPG system. Level up, and you’ll be able to equip upgrades such as a shield, double shot, speed booster, triple shot, wide shot, spread shot, and missiles. Your level does not reset when you die, so you can come back stronger and better equipped after each defeat. Collect power-ups dropped by enemies on the battlefield and unleash a flurry of missles, a burst of flames, or even an electrifying lightning gun!

Lil Tanks features four different game modes to test your skills. Campaign mode pits you against the Cuur as you fight to take back your planet from their control and save Humanity. Activate Hardcore mode by collecting medals throughout the campaign; each medal provides a different challenge that makes Lil Tanks even tougher. In Endless mode, see how long you can survive a never-ending onslaught of Cuur. Boss Training lets you practice exterminating bosses so that you can develop the perfect strategy for future encounters.


*   Play through 4 different game modes: Campaign, Hardcore, Endless, and Boss Training.
*   Engage more than 20 unique types of enemies – including mechs, laser turrets, aircraft, and more.
*   Destroy the Cuur’s forces to level up and unlock permanent shield and weapon upgrades.
*   Find power-ups dropped by enemies and unleash even more destructive power on the Cuur.
*   Team up with a friend who may pilot your indestructible companion tank in local co-op.
*   Defend the planet from the Cuur assault across four different environments – such as deserts, swamps, tundras, and volcanic wastes.
*   Rock out to an original soundtrack composed by Kelly Warner – whose music has been featured on Comedy Central, MTV, NBC, ESPN, and more.

CHANGELOG (since first public demo)

*   Updated menus
*   Intro/outro cutscenes
*   Dialogue scenes between stages
*   Unlockable tank duos
*   Additional stages
*   Weapon swap mechanic
*   Adjusted difficulty
*   Boss Training mode
*   Endless mode with online leaderboard
*   Achievements (Steam)
*   7 unlockable gameplay mods
*   Screen size options

Lil Tanks is launching on Steam (PC/Mac/Linux) for only $7.99 (20% off) on Tuesday, April 4. The game will return to its original $9.99 pricing after 1 week (April 11).