Immortal Conquest: Europe, a deep and complex strategy game (Video)

Immortal Conquest: Europe is scheduled to release in the European region for iOS and Android devices in spring 2017.

About Immortal Conquest: Europe
Immortal Conquest: Europe is a deep and complex strategy game that is set in an ancient mythological fantasy world. Players must build and upgrade their empires on a shared two-million-parcel game map by acquiring and developing heroes to lead troops and smartly leveraging limited resources. Developing alliances is essential to successful resource gathering and expanding influence over the world.

Heroic Garios
Heroes, or Gairo as they are called in Immortal Conquest: Europe, are a key gameplay element. There are more than 300 Gairo in Immortal Conquest: Europe, but each Gairo possesses its own particular set of strengths and weaknesses. Players must learn to utilize each Gairo’s specific skills to successfully lead troops and defeat enemies. Troop types can be freely combined for different battle scenarios, with thousands of available combinations that will put players’ intelligence and military strategy to the test.

Form and Defend Alliances
Battles are critical in Immortal Conquest: Europe as it’s the only way to expand territory. However, battles cannot be won individually – forming alliances is vitally important.

In early stages, alliances must be formed with nearby neighbors to occupy resource-rich lands. As the game progresses, players must conquer higher level lands and the distance between alliance territories becomes shorter and shorter. Ultimately, players must think strategically and consider switching alliances to further expand their power. Confrontation is inevitable!