INDIE STREAM FES 2015 ‘Best of Narrative’ Winner ‘RETSNOM’ Coming to Mobile (Video)

‘RETSNOM’ is the previous game of Somi, the creator of ‘Replica'( Indiecade 2016 Impact Award ) which is receiving favorable reviews by both the critics and the players.

‘RETSNOM’ is an inventive puzzle platformer which launched on Steam in July of last year and PlayStation 4 in March of this year. 

There are 61 levels in 5 different worlds to solve by using the mirror mechanics. 
In the game, you play as Father and visit the future laboratory to steal a cure to save his infected daughter. 

The game has received widespread acclaim from reviewers for good storyline and its unique gameplay since it launched.

‘RETSNOM’is available to download on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.