RalphVR, whose prototype won Gold Prize in the 2015 Oculus Mobile VR Jam, today announced the release of their first VR game, Daydream Blue, for the Samsung Gear VR headset. The team plans to begin updates immediately, adding additional content for early adopters in the lead-up to the Q4 release of the Samsung Gear VR.

“We like to describe Daydream Blue as a dreamlike valley full of lakes and surprises,” says CEO Richie Hoagland. “It’s a virtual world where players can explore, discover mini-games, craft items, and unlock additional content the longer they play.”

Daydream Blue features an engaging low-poly art style, intuitive controls, a stylized soundscape, and immersive gameplay. Play golf or go fishing, craft a stone and a rock into a hatchet and chop down trees, or watch your robot chase after a tennis ball.

“We’re focused on a truly mobile VR experience,” Richie continues. “You’re having a hard day at work, so you open your backpack, pull out the Gear VR, boot up Daydream Blue and play fetch with your robot buddy without leaving your desk.”

Additional items, tools, crafting, and games will be available with future updates. The team has a six-month roadmap of development with exciting features along the way.

Daydream Blue’s atmosphere and tone are modeled after Richie’s young life growing up in Kentucky. The idea came to him after a stressful day at work; he wished he could step outside his life for a moment. So he built a valley in VR and relaxed. Then he imagined a game that could do the same for others. Daydream Blue is the result.

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