Blue Eden, the brand new underwater mobile adventure/family video game, launches today on the iPhone and iPod Touch formats. Developed for players of all skill levels and ages in mind, Blue Eden was inspired by the game creators’ passion to utilise the broad reach of iOS gamers to draw more attention to preserving the sustainability of ocean wildlife worldwide. The result is a fun, compelling yet simple game that showcases the captivating beauty of the sea. Blue Eden is created by indie UK development collective, Skoobie Games (, and is available now to download from the iOS App Store for £0.69 / $0.99.

“Mobile games are more popular than ever, we wanted to create something fun for iOS that went beyond entertainment but also had a small message that mattered to each and everyone of us,” said Skoobie Games’ producer and game designer Chun Wah Kong. “As a huge fan of ocean documentaries, Blue Eden was designed to provide the same sense of curiosity and wonderment in a game. If the game resonates with the audience, we hope to leverage it as a call-to-action and partner with wildlife organisations to encourage further awareness in the near future.”

The unique adventure of Blue Eden begins as audiences enter into a world of underwater exploration, discovery and survival for the first time. Adopting the controls of the incredibly striking marine fish, you take the reigns of guiding a school of Power Blue Surgeonfish from the humble beginnings of a small family to ultimately growing them into an impressive, powerful 200-strong unit. The journey of wonderment will see the fish explore unseen habitats, feed in the plankton bloom, escape from giant predators and produce the next generation of fish. With unpredictability and danger around every turn, how far can you go on your adventure as you pursue the goal of ongoing survival in the oceans of Blue Eden?

Players will get to experience each of the 4 fun-filled game types that represent a different part of the Surgeonfish’s life cycle. Some of the key game features include:
· -DYNAMIC SIMULATION – Take control of a giant fish school, with its captivating beauty realistically recreated. See the impact of adventure gameplay with every touch. The game is told with voice-over narration, just like an ocean documentary.

· – 4-PART GAME TYPES – Highly accessible to pick up and play! Tackle Migration, Feeding, Predator and Breeding stages, each offering a unique challenging experience.

· – STAYING ALIVE – Explore the unpredictable waters where danger may lurk at each turn. Players will get to meet sea creatures from whitetip reef sharks, moray eels, reef stonefish and the ocean sunfish, among others. Who are friends or foes?

· – BREED & GROW – Build on the size of your family and form a powerful group, with thousands of possible combinations. Each season will get tougher than the previous, how many generations can you last?

· – FUN GALLERY & EDUCATION – Learn about the fascinating facts behind each of the creatures in the game. Click onto the website to understand the real life threats to our oceans, discover what actions are being taken and find out how you can help.

1) The ocean makes up 71% of the Earth’s surface and is the largest source of food in the world. Just the Pacific Ocean alone is larger than Earth’s entire land-mass.

2) Less than 5% of our oceans have been explored. We have better maps of Mars than we do of the ocean floors.

3) Each year, 3 times as much rubbish is dumped into the world’s oceans as the weight of fish caught.

4) Governments are now beginning to respond to the reduction of plastic pollution in our oceans by discouraging single use and disposable plastic.

5) World Oceans Day is celebrated on June 8th since 1992. It’s a day of global celebration by participating in or holding an event of your own to raise awareness and help the ocean.

Blue Eden is available now to download on iOS formats (iPhone and iPod Touch) for £0.69 / $0.99. For more information, go to

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