Infektor, a fast-paced arcade action game (Video)

Highly contagious indie game Infektor unleashed onto Steam users.

Rushing Vise is happy to announce that their first game, Infektor, is now available on Steam for Windows and Mac OS X. The game has modest hardware requirements and can be controlled using a game controller, mouse or keyboard.

About the game

Infektor is a fast-paced arcade action game that puts players in control of a microbe that found itself in a hostile environment. Quick reflexes and smart use of environment are all that matters in this hectic game of cat and mouse.

Survive as long as possible in Survival mode or spread infection in Infect mode. It’s all about surviving, wreaking havoc and scoring points. And Infektor makes it easy by being designed for quick gameplay sessions. Just fire it up for a few minutes to blow off some steam.

Players have three microbes to choose from, each with its own characteristics and unique special ability. And mutagens allow to tweak the microbes to better match player’s play style or to particular needs of a specific level.