That rocks: Fast-paced action title “Blow Your Way” out now for free for iOS and Android!

The Berlin/Germany based multiplatform publisher Immanitas Entertainment releases today “Blow Your Way” worldwide as an universal app for all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod touch) and Android smartphones and tablets in a multilingual version. The game has been developed by Immanitas Entertainments partner C4 Gaming Ltd. And can be downloaded as of today for free via Apple iTunes, GooglePlay and several alternative app stores.

The object of the game sounds simple but is heavily challenging and extremely entertaining: Players are to protect vehicle carrying money as it travels from point A to point B, but instead of directly controlling the car or anyone in it players will snipe out of existence anything that stands in the vehicle’s way or that tries to ram it to get the loot, using various types of weapons. Ppecial weapons such as landmines, bombs and even air strikes included! Occasionally players even have to fend off some crooks throwing various explosives at the vehicles.

The game scenery is the real Manhattan with some of the physical real-world elements spawned into the game scene like Madison Square Garden, Time Square, Central Park, etc. Game is played thru different weather & time of day sensitive like Manhattan on a snowy night. Each main location is broken up into several sub-locations, and when the player completes a sub-location he’ll earn XP that lets him rank up and unlock new power ups to use.

The game features social leaderboard where player can compete with Facebook friends in a weekly tournament, those players that earn most XP on a weekly basis can win prices of game virtual good. The game provides cool feature where Facebook competing friends can send “Trick or Treats” one to the other. Those trick or treats impact the current stage the player is player either helping me them finish stage or make those stages difficult to complete.

** DRIVE through the real streets of Manhattan in a real-world 3D scene
** DEFEND your car from street-gangs trying to hit you and steal your money
** USE Cool and powerful explosives and special attacks
** COMPETE with your friends in weekly competitions to win cool prizes
** SEND your friend in-game Tricks or Treat to help them or make it more difficult for them to advance
** CHOOSE your car from a wide collection
** EXPERIENCE Manhattan in a snowy, rainy or sunny weather, day and night
** COLLECT ranks and experience points to beat your friends and get special in-game bonuses

Gameplay Video:

Title: Blow Your Way
Platform: iOs, Android
Genre: Action, Racing
Languages: German, English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese (BR), Hindi, Thai, French
Release: out now
SRP: Free (In-App-Purchases available)
Publisher: Immanitas Entertainment
Developer: C4 Gaming

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