Infinigon’s ZENITH will hit PS4 and Steam on Tuesday, September 20th (Video)

Infinigon’s ZENITH will hit PS4 and Steam (Windows PC) on Tuesday, September 20th (both boxed and digital SKUs). In the UK and Spain, the game will be launched on September 23rd.

In Zenith, you play as Argus — a thirtysomething wizard who’s needed for one final job: protecting a powerful artifact from angsty heroes with too much free time, too many oversized swords, and a “chosen one” complex that would make Neo blush.

Argus has had his share of adventuring, exploring ruins, accidentally unleashing monsters with way too many teeth, and (repeatedly) saving the world. Argus has done it all — and he can’t wait to settle down into a safe, predictable routine. However, a new generation of heroes is itching for some action — and they want to save the world once again by gaining access to an ridiculously dangerous artifact. Argus’ vacation will have to wait.

Explore the vast world of Zenith to equip the six elements — Boots, Belt, Tunic, Bracers, Ring, and Pendant. Each element modifies Argus’s attributes to allow him to choose the best gear for each situation. Search for more than 100 items (including potions, equipment, gems, and even a pillow) to aid the grizzled wizard in his quest. Traverse highly-detailed dungeons, battle in real time, and solve puzzles to show these youngsters what a REAL HERO can do (

*   Explore a world of possibilities in a fully-realized fantasy realm.
*   Face huge bosses, dangerous foes, and angsty teenagers with a “chosen one” complex.
*   Laugh out loud with tons of parodies and pop culture references.
*   Save the world while bureaucrats tinker with apocalyptic devices.
*   Unlock special abilities and upgrade basic combo movements with an all-powerful “final blow”-type move.
*    Leave the real world behind with 25+ hours of fun-filled adventuring.

Zenith will be released worldwide on September 20th (boxed and digital) — with the exception of UK and Spain, which will have boxed and digital SKUs available on September 23rd.