Orc Assault VR Tower Defense Goes Live Next Tuesday (Video)

Austin based virtual reality studio, Ghost Machine, has announced the retail launch date for a new VR tower defense game, Orc Assault. The new game developed by Ghost Machine is being touted as miniaturized tower defense based world in virtual reality, featuring a cast of fully animated characters including Orcs, Trolls, Ogres and Goblin invaders in a Disneyesque 3D environment designed for virtual reality. You can purchase the game, Orc Assault on Tuesday, May 10th for the HTC Vive VR headset on the Steam page.

CEO of Ghost Machine, Neal Nellans, spoke about releasing his studios latest efforts on Steam VR, “As soon as players began to experience the miniature world of Orc Assault, they were immediately transfixed in the fantasy and detail of the world that we created”. The game, designed to be played as a room scale tabletop game with motion controllers. “We are excited to bring a true Tower Defense game for VR as a completely new type of experience for players that have wanted a room scale board game.”, stated Nellans.

The HTC/ Valve Vive virtual reality device is a VR product which will pair with content available on the new Steam VR platform. Steam is a digital distribution service which currently has over 60 million monthly active users. The HTC VIVE boasts unique full room gaming and motion tracked controllers.

About This Game
Once upon a time all was peaceful and serene in the far off land of Camalon, but the silence has been broken as the Orc hordes have returned to the peaceful kingdom to claim the land that they once held most sacred. The only thing stopping them from conquering the innocent people of Camalon is your arsenal of weapons and advanced research towers.

Progress through various waves and stages of Orc and Goblin invasions on both paths and open room scale battlefields, all along developing an increasingly sophisticated tower system to take down even the most powerful of Orcs enemies.

For a truly unique experience, you can now enter the world of Orc Assault exclusively with the HTC Vive VR headset and oversee the entire playfield. Once you play tower defense in virtual reality at room scale, you will fully understand the complete immersion that VR provides a wide range of gaming experiences. The fully animated characters and detailed animation-inspired world immerses you as you plan your final tactics and use fully tracked controller wands to plot your strategy and defend both the town on Camalon and riches beyond.