iO, Single-player puzzle platformer (Video)

Exciting news for all you single players on this otherwise cruel day: Gamious has just released iO to keep you company! Known for being rather hard, this physics based puzzle platformer is exactly the thing to get your hands on today. Handling the growing and shrinking ball will be an intense repeated, and challenging struggle to get to the finish. Will you be able to beat your high scores and go for gold?

iO is now available on the Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, Xbox One, Windows Store and Windows Phone.

No matter what your preferences, you can now enjoy iO when and wherever you feel like it. Originally conceived for Ouya, iO later hooked up to PC and mobile platforms, and now it reaches its final destination on current gen consoles. With over 225 levels, it’s sure to keep you up late at night. So forget the flowers and the cards and the multiplayer interaction: just let iO be your Valentine.

About iO
iO is an abstract physics platformer. As a player you control a ball in several puzzling settings where physics will bring you to your goal; reach the exit points as quickly as possible and win yourself a gold medal! You can influence your speed by growing or shrinking the ball. Use this ability to gain momentum and make your way through the levels.

These are the key features:

•Roll your way out; use your speed and skills to overcome more than 225 puzzling challenges on your way to the exit point.
•Pure gameplay; strip away distraction and get back to the essence of logical thinking and puzzle solving.
•Savvy gravity; overcome physics-based challenges using weight, speed and momentum while shrinking and growing your ball.
•Crafty mechanics; navigate through a universe with elements like physics based objects, portals, contraptions and inverted gravity. Try to master them all.
•Become iO’s top Medalist; race through each level as fast as you can to shave fractions off your time and go for Gold on every level!