LabRATory from Tivola Publishing is now free to play

Tivola Publishing Ltd. announced today that LabRATory, the popular casual game featuring thrilling 2D labyrinth action, is now free to play for the first time. In LabRATory players must guide hungry rats to a tasty piece of cheese, moving them through each scenario like lemmings. Using an intuitive control system, players must help the rats navigate through the labyrinth by manipulating lasers, force fields, helpful portals, stompers and even gravity.
Blockades can be deactivated by the use of power-ups, which can make the rats invulnerable and raise or slow down their speed. After the start button is tapped, the rats race through the labyrinth, which gets bigger and more complicated with each level.

Developed by BuboGames in 2013, LabRATory was nominated for the German Developer Award for “Best Casual Mobile Game” that same year. Now Tivola Publishing Ltd is launching LabRATory free-to-play in the iTunes and Google Play app stores, and players can also download LabRATory from the Amazon Appstore for $1.99.

Tivola on Fire TV

Downloads of Tivola apps in Europe as well as in the US have been bolstered by the company’s current casual game portfolio, which includes games like LabRATory and Grandpa and the Zombies. Additionally, Tivola has now announced its cooperation with Amazon for Fire TV. Hendrik Peeters, Tivola’s managing director said: “We spotted Fire TV’s potential early on and are happy to be part of it right from the start by contributing Grandpa and the Zombies, which launched late last year”.

10 Million App Downloads

As current titles such as Grandpa and the Zombies, LabRATory and Elfcraft add to Tivola’s success, the company has now reached more than ten million app downloads. To celebrate, Tivola will release one app for free on iTunes and Amazon from May 8-12th.

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