Land of Legends: fantasy RPG with high variety (Video)

“Land of Legends” is the new and just released RPG from developer and publisher Xyrality. It comes with a great variety of game experiences together with loads of content.

At the beginning players chose one of three hero classes, each with its own special abilities and items. An epic single-player campaign leads the heroes through six mystical regions where 66 different enemies await them. Tough boss-fights mark turning points in the story and can only be won with the right combination of clever tactics and mighty gear.

This gear is created with the in-depth crafting system. Valuable crafting-materials cannot only be found in quests, but also be produced in the camp, where the players can upgrade their buildings according to their play style.

In multiplayer, players join orders and explore dark dungeons together, which can only be handled side-by-side. PvP battles take place in the arena, where the sought-after honor-points, treasure-chests and the top of the ranking list can be won.

“Land of Legends provides the right combination of simple handling, short-term fun and great game depth to both mid-core players and fantasy fans. We want to ensure easy access to the game and a great game experience for quick as well as long game sessions”, comments Sven Ossenbrüggen, CEO at Xyrality.

Land of Legends is available for iOS and Android for free and as a cross-platform title it brings the players of both platforms together.