“Tiny Explorers” – Available NOW (Video)

Alternative Software Ltd, are very pleased to announce the global release of “Tiny Explorers” published by Alternative Software and developed by Red Bee for Mobile & Tablet devices. The game is available now in the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

Tiny Explorers, which has been localised into the following languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish, is now available worldwide for mobile or tablet devices through Google Play, Apple App Store, as well as the Amazon Appstore. The game, which is free to play, features a well thought out story, immense 3D visuals, unique characters, and an array of levels that are sure to provide any young gamer with hours of non stop fun!

About The Game
Become a hero as you journey through the magical world of the Tiny Explorers. Packed with action, adventure and imagination aplenty, Will you be the one to save the world?
Tiny Explorers is a super arcade romp designed especially for younger gamers. The game allows the player to collect items, solve puzzles and progress with the story as they run, jump and escape from the baddies.
Tiny Explorers ensures that players will not get needlessly frustrated by having to restart the game all over again if they fail to complete a task; instead, the game’s special “re-try” system means players will not lose lives, and become disheartened should they not succeed.
The game involves 3 main characters named Sarah, Kai and Oscar.
Play as your favourite character and start out on an exciting and mysterious adventure. Each character has their own very distinct appearance and personality, allowing the player to jump in and play, as the character that appeals most to them.
The game consists of 30 levels, each of which is a stunning colourful 3D visualisation. Travel through an amazing world and explore enchanted woodlands, dark caves and even get chased by a bear!

Key Features
Light hearted and exciting gameplay perfect for young gamers!
Stunning and immersive environment with incredible 3D visuals.
A variety of cool characters to choose from.
Action packed adventure with great replay value.
Exciting levels packed full of fun tasks and obstacles.
Collect fun and creative items like hats, back packs, and fancy dress clothing.
Pick up all the coins to progress through the levels.
Collect items, solve puzzles.
Frustration free re-try system.
30 Levels of stunning colourful 3D environments.
Plenty to explore from enchanted woodlands to dark caves. Watch out for the bear!