Look forward to being late for work with Late Again!

Lace up your running shoes and get ready to discover Late Again, the brand new runner arcade game from AMA and Mando Productions! Leave your paper files and laptops stored on shelves, the application is available for free on Android and iOS!

Enjoy a wild race against the clock through the company’s premises without being spotted by your boss. Test your skills by gathering as many files and rewards as possible to achieve a longer gaming time!

Simply swipe your finger over the screen to run, jump or glide through the open space. Take advantage of the messy working environment: bounce and travel up into the air with the party balloons!
Beware! Your stuntman skills will be challenged. Dodge bins, cupboards and other furniture scattered on your way to the office and complete up to 30 different levels, grabbing bonuses and puzzle pieces and weaving through the traditional coffee machines.

Be as proficient as possible in your environment not to bump into your boss. Use your fingertips to make being late for work a way of life!

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