Launch of “Rayado: A-maze-ing challenge” for smartphones & tablets on Android (Video)

FarbWorks ( ), an innovative Austrian mobile games & applications developer, announced today the availability of Rayado on smartphones and tablets for Android.

Rayado: A-maze-ing challenge is an entertaining skillbased arcade-style game for the entire family combining puzzles and action, where players have to guide a disk through a maze of challenging obstacles by drawing deflector lines.

To advance in Rayado, players must draw lines of blue energy to juggle their disk through the Labyrinth of Ray and overcome tricky opponents with fast reactions. Sneaky enemies, like the Turrets or the Stingers are luring in turns and corners and will try to stop the players’ path while he is rushing through exciting tunnels & chambers. Numerous clever and original obstacles – moving or static – offer a diverting and fresh challenge for each new section. By destroying beacons and solving obstacle puzzles, new passages are unlocked. Aztec-style closing walls, shooting traps, saw wheels or moving guillotines have to be overcome in an exact timing.

Combined with a unique graphic style, fast-paced Rayado will soon leave players addicted to experience new ambitious worlds of the Labyrinth, featuring currently 50 sections with more to come.

Easy and fun to play, challenging to master – the rules to survive and conquer the labyrinth are straightforward: Avoid RED – Hit GREEN – Collect BLUE!
Amelie Clement, Co-Founder of FarbWorks, believes that “Rayado will delight casual players with its easy concept and challenge experienced players to master the Labyrinth of Ray by outstanding skill.”

With Rayado, action-fueled puzzle fun is at your fingertips: It’s time to draw the line!