Lead A Revolt Against Caesar In ‘GALLIA Rise Of Clans’ Now Available Exclusively On AndroidTM

Based on the historical events of the Gallic Wars, GALLIA Rise Of Clans by indie developer Neocom Mobile is a fun strategy game now available on Android™, combining the best of classic genres into a unique and different type of casual gameplay experience.

YouTube™ Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KciplkoPXio

GALLIA Rise Of Clans challenges you to take the lead of a revolt against Caesar and his legions, who has conquered the land of Gallia. The objective of the game is to liberate the land of Gallia from Romans gradually conquering back village after village on their way to victory. Prior to the battle, Gaul’s line up in front of the occupied village and challenges the Roman warriors to a battle. Use catapults to eject stones at the soldiers, and Neocomix, who is a trusted druid by your side, will come in useful in preparing magical potions and ingenious destructive conjurations helping you win. Have fun catapulting stones onto nearby Romans, desperately trying to protect themselves using shields. The more warriors you take out and the more damage you do, the higher a reward you will get. Clever use of strategy and good accuracy of your catapult during the clash will improve your chance of success, and hopefully if your aim is good, the Romans will surrender the village and seek safety in fight!

GALLIA Rise Of Clans combines the best of Match-3, Bubble-Shooters, Blocks and catapulting games. Featuring two modes of play (arcade & time limit) and 75 exciting levels, the Romans don’t stand a chance. With its intuitive controls, fascinating story, colorful graphics and great sound effects, this free download is suitable to casual players of all ages and experience levels. An in-game store is available offering optional upgrades, items and weapons useful in fight.

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