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Legendary game developer Cinemaware is proud to announce the immediate availability of a playable PC demo for Rocket Ranger Reloaded!

Cinemaware, the company behind well-known titles such as Defender of the Crown®, Wings!™ and It Came From The Desert™, is proud to announce the immediate launch of a fully-featured, playable PC demo for Rocket Ranger Reloaded. The demo features an exciting, pulse-pounding air combat mission against Nazi Zeppelin dreadnoughts, Messerschmitt fighter planes and even top-secret, futuristic Nazi weapons!

A direct link to the demo at our page on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/850516062/rocket-ranger-reloaded

Rocket Ranger Reloaded will see the fan-favorite hero return in a fresh new take on the classic videogame originally released in 1988. It will feature exciting new gameplay sequences, a much deeper storyline, a larger strategic element and of course beautifully stylized graphics that bring the 1930s and 40s to life!
Rocket Ranger was first released by Cinemaware on the Commodore Amiga, with later versions appearing on the C64, PC, Apple IIgs, Nintendo Entertainment System, Atari ST and even the obscure Fujitsu FM Towns!

The original game took its inspiration from 1930s sci-fi serials and comic books, setting the player in a world where the Nazis and Axis Powers won World War II – in the future! Using a rocket pack and futuristic technology, Rocket Ranger must travel the world and rid it of the escalating threat, complete with a strategic aspect and lots of exciting action sequences. As he pursues the Nazis in order to prevent their ultimate victory, Rocket Ranger will discover the source of their mysterious super weapons and the terrible future that awaits mankind!

Through shootouts, fist fights, dialogue with various characters, espionage and lab research, the player must pursue the goal of finding various weapons and technologies and finally build a rocket to reach the moon in order to defeat the Nazis once and for all – or at least for the time being! Rocket Ranger Reloaded will refresh the original game with a lot of exciting new twists & turns, gameplay elements and high replayability that will make this one of the most exciting and innovative Cinemaware games to come!

Rocket Ranger Reloaded is being developed for Windows PC, Apple Macintosh, Apple iOS, Android and several console platforms. Cinemaware is asking all interested fans to participate at the game’s crowdfunding page to ensure the game receives the necessary development support. Fight the future!

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