Legends of the Universe: StarCore Action Platformer (Video)

Legends of the Universe: StarCore is the first in a series of games that tell a story about the looming war between The Arkonians and The Draketh. The game is a action/platformer with elements of exploration and stat building. Discover new weapons and armor as well as new locations as you traverse the Draketh warship known as The Dreadnought. Rescue other characters who have been captured by The Draketh and have them aid you in your mission to retrieve The StarCore.

*Upgrades (Dash, Double-Jump, Water-Walk, Rocket-Launcher and many more.)
*Stat Based Platforming (Increase Atk, Def, Jmp, etc.)
*Environments to explore(and re-explore with new abilities)
*Boss Fights (several!)
*Shared Universe (spinoffs already in development set in the same universe)