Legion is released on Android!

At Slitherine, we’ve always been committed to bringing top quality strategy games to all of the popular gaming platforms. 2016 will be no exception and this is why our first release of the year is on Android, with the adaptation of an all-time Slitherine classic: Legion.

Obviously player’s expectations and habits have dramatically changed since the original PC release in 2002, so we had to make sure this new version would be perfectly optimized and enjoyable on Android tablets. This focus on quality led us to team up with developer TickTock Games, experts on the platform and already familiar with the strategy genre as they worked on the Android versions of Frozen Synapse Prime and Z Steel Soldiers last year.

With Legion, fans of the Roman empire can now forge a mighty civilization on their Android device! Not only does the game shine at the strategic level with detailed economy, diplomatic and building mechanics but also offers huge and intense tactical battles with units and battlefields based on historical data.