Medieval II: Total War Collection out now on Steam for Mac and Linux

In this classic Total War game of real-time battles and turn-based strategy, you create your empire by ranging across a continental campaign map, building cities and opening trade routes, mastering the art of diplomacy, and – oh, of course – leading your armies into history-defining clashes.

· Embark on an empire-building mission of immense scale and ambition as you lead one of 17 factions through five centuries of Total War across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
· Master sophisticated turn-based strategy as you enforce public order, deploy spies and assassins, make peace with your neighbours… or send your armies after them.
· Embroil yourself in heady real-time clashes as you command infantry, cavalry and siege engines. Strategic placement of units, cunning use of geography, and exploitation of enemy weaknesses are key to victory.
· Immerse yourself in the four campaigns of the Kingdoms expansion: colonise or defend in Discovery of the Americas, revolt or quell rebellion in Britannia, wage holy war in Crusades, and fight for Christianity or paganism in the Teutonic Campaign.