Puzzle Fleet releases for Android, iOS version coming soon

Tequila Games proudly announces the release of Puzzle Fleet, a single-player arcade puzzler set in the world of naval battles. The game is now freely available for Android, with iOS version scheduled to debut in the coming weeks.

Puzzle Fleet is a dynamic puzzle game in which the player’s goal is to locate and destroy battleships hidden on the board. The gameplay is inspired both by nonograms (popularized by Picross and Pictlogica Final Fantasy) as well as by battleship solitaire: a popular pen and paper puzzle. The developers at Tequila Games have however updated the classic formula with additional rules and arcade-like progression system.

“In some ways, Puzzle Fleet is a return to roots for Tequila Games,” says Radek Smektala, Lead Designer of the game. “The game is simple but addictive, targeted towards more casual audiences, just like our earlier titles.”

Puzzle Fleet is meant as a companion piece to BattleFriends at Sea, a multiplayer title based on the classic pen and paper Sea Battle game. Unlike BattleFriends however, Puzzle Fleet is designed for solitary play, although global leaderboards are included.