A new puzzle game from Cherrypick Games available now, exclusively on the App Store! (Video)

Close Your Eyes, the newest puzzle game from the Warsaw-based Cherrypick Games studio, is based on a belief that if you don’t see something, it simply doesn’t exist. It’s common knowledge to every child: by closing your eyes, you can avoid all the perils of the world. But remember about other dangers that lurk in the darkness! Dangers that you may not avoid with your eyes closed… The only way to survive is to master your blinking skills, keeping the right balance between two realities. You can experience Close Your Eyes right now, on the AppStore.

Close Your Eyes is a surreal puzzle/arcade game that offers 70 levels of increasing difficulty and complexity. It puts the players’ manual skills and logical thinking to the test. Challenges them by combining the mechanics of an arcade game with an intellectual challenge of a spatial puzzle game. The players will need to time their moves with an absolute precision to avoid traps, open gates, rotate tunnels, reach portals, and flip layouts. This accuracy, and a little bit of courage, is crucial to make a decision when it’s safe to close or open your eyes. Even though the darkness veils some of the dangers the players may encounter, it may also awaken your biggest fears. The Close Your Eyes’s gameplay is accompanied by the haunting and intriguing background music chimes.

Now, Cherrypick Games brings back the redesigned concept based on a Ludum Dare entry of the same title, which was met with an amazing response. Close Your Eyes offers eye-catching visuals, mind-bending puzzles, and loads of fun.
Close Your Eyes is now available exclusively for mobile devices with iOS, at $2.99 / 2.99€