Life of Boris: Super Slav CHAPTER 2 on Mobile

Mobile game studio SneakyBox, together with one and only Boris the Slav, launched the second part of the famous YouTube personality adventures. Released on iOS and Android, Life of Boris: Super Slav CHAPTER 2 will see the hero embarking on new road trips and meeting his crazy relatives, neighbors and other unique characters.

Boris’ story started driving a taxi (on GTA V), and from then his online personality became bigger than life. He started learning common Slav languages and sharing his experiences on YouTube. The fame came slowly and gradually, so Boris did not lose his head – he stayed warm to his audience. Boris saw that doing videos was not enough for his audience, so he created a gaming channel. But even that did not satisfy the growing appetite for content. That’s how the game Super Slav was born, where Boris introduces the fans to his origins, his road to fame and – of course – his favorite HardBass tracks.

Life of Boris: Super Slav CHAPTER 2.0 is revisiting and expanding the original game’s features: 

True Slav life EXPERIENCE with one and only Boris.

COMPETITION with other Slavs in SlavOlympics.

COLLECTION of all the Boris’ favorite HardBass hits.

LEARNING special recipes from Boris’ babushka’s kitchen.

CUSTOMIZATION of Boris’ appearance with specially made balaclavas.

DISCOVERING all the possible endings of Boris’ adventures.

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