Mad Bullets is out now on Steam! (Video)

After getting tons of positive feedbacks and up votes by the Steam Community, Mad Bullets finally made its debut on Steam!

The wackiest shooter is right around the corner to take you on a journey in the wildest of the Wild West. But Sheriff, be well prepared to show off your skills, because your lightning fast reflexes and inhuman laughing muscles will be put to an intense test. There ain’t no boring stories, complicated controls and irritating tutorials whatsoever. Just grab your favorite six-shooter and jump right into the high-speed action!

So you’re up for the challenge to become the hero of the Wild West from zero, aren’t you?

•Mean desperados and American ninjas
•Beautiful damsels in distress
•Rusty the robot cowboy
•Savage vultures, evil piranhas and dumb chickens

An impeccable cast for a game that doesn’t take itself even a bit seriously!

Mad Bullets Features
•The EASIEST shooter controls on any platform, ever!
•The CRAZIEST characters since… well, that’s classified!
•The MADDEST bullets in gaming history!

…still not enough?

Check it out for yourself!