Magical Passcode 1111 for iOS and Android mobile devices

Newly formed localization studio Hotel Chromatic announced the release of its debut project, Magical Passcode 1111, for both iOS and Android mobile devices. From Japanese developer HEXADRIVE, Magical Passcode 1111 is a darkly lighthearted adventure in which the young boy Spellenya, the last of a magical race once thought annihilated in a war with the humans of the world, must team up with an overly friendly human girl named Nefaria to get to the root of a new threat looming over the land!

As you explore the vivid, colorful world brought to life through a combination of detailed JRPG style with cute and clever pop-up storybook animations, you’ll build a collection of powerful Magi, strong-willed creatures that you’ll use to fight your magical battles against increasingly more fierce and deadly enemies. You’ll have to grow closer to these magical creatures and unlock their full power as you unravel the emerging mystery of the rising new threat against the world!


– Fast-paced Gameplay: Build a squad of up to four Magi and quickly jump in and out of battle with an intuitive touch-based battle system! Each fight lasts from a few seconds to a couple of minutes, making it perfect for quick breaks or commutes.

– Real-Time Magical Battle System: Allocate Magic Points to teammates, then launch your assault all at once in real-time! Each attack combination will deal or heal damage, add buffs or debuffs, and unleash devastating special group abilities. But be careful – your MP is a limited resource that doesn’t come back until the quest is finished.

– Love Leveling System: At the heart of the story, and the game itself, is building your relationship with your Magi teammates. Learning each of their likes and dislikes is key, because the closer you grow, the stronger they become! But making one happy might just tick another one off, so you’ll have to find the right balance between your extremely opinionated cadre.

– Fully Realized Story and World: Spellenya’s world is filled with love and tragedy, hope and heartbreak, and it’s all brought to you in stunningly detailed and colorful artwork and animation. It may fit on the small screen, but its heart is big enough for any JRPG fan out there!