Mighty Battles, a battle arena shooter game, is on mobiles

Epic head-to-head arena battles… fast-paced shooting action… tons of mighty units to collect: this new game has it all. Hothead Games, developer and publisher of the highly successful Kill Shot franchise, today announced the official launch of Mighty Battles, the first battle arena shooter game on mobile.

Now available on the App Store and Google Play, Mighty Battles leverages Hothead’s industry-leading expertise in the shooting genre to offer a whole new twist on lane-based arena games. The game combines shooting and tactical strategy with card collecting, events and real-time 1v1 matchmaking to deliver a battle experience never seen before on mobile devices.

In exciting live multiplayer battles, players must destroy enemy bases by shooting down advancing attacks and strategically deploying waves of specially trained units. Only by building a superior squad and effectively commanding them in battle can players defeat their enemies and prove their true might.

Mighty Battles sets itself apart from other mobile titles with features including:

  • Build your squad. Recruit and collect 40+ different units to lead into battle including Rocket Troopers, Grenadiers, Flamethrower Troopers, and all sorts of different soldiers, vehicles, weapons and base defenses.
  • Attack the enemy. Shoot enemy grunts with your base’s turret to collect deployments points, then spend those points to deploy your soldiers and vehicles into battle. Play different combinations of units to make a winning push on the enemy’s base!
  • Defend your base. Destroy enemy units with Gatling Guns, Rocket Launchers, Bombing Runs and Turrets! Deploy the right soldiers and vehicles into battle to help you fight off attacks and turn defense into offense!
  • Compete worldwide. Challenge other players around the world in live 1v1 multiplayer battles! Earn medals for each victory, and climb through the divisions and leaderboards into the highest tiers of competition. Hone your shooting skills and tactical mind to become the best in the world.
  • Join a clan. Join a team of other commanders and work together to become the top clan worldwide. Donate units to one another, practice with clanmates in friendly clan battles, and compete against rival clans in weekly events.