Mini DAYZ on mobile devices

Bohemia Interactive announced earlier today the release of the iOS/Android version of Mini DAYZ  a pixel art rendition of its genre-defining survival MMO hit DayZ. The game has launched on the App Store and Google Play across the world on July 3  completely free of charge and free of any in-app purchases.

Originating as a popular fan-made browser game, Mini DAYZ closely follows the footsteps of its PC sibling, and offers a hard-core, permadeath survival experience with plenty of heart-pounding moments. Stranded in a post-apocalyptic world with signature buildings and items familiar to every DayZ survivor, players in Mini DAYZ are challenged to survive for as long as humanly possible.

To fight the infected, wild animals, harsh weather conditions and hostile AI survivors, you must scavenge cities, villages and military encampments for food and other vital resources. Anything that will keep you warm, protected and healthy always counts, but your inventory space is limited…

As you hone your survivalist instincts, you’ll also start building your own little camps with stashes that can keep you going for yet another day, and possibly prepare you for a dangerous journey across the sea to discover new places to loot.

Compared to Mini DAYZ for web browsers, the iOS/Android edition offers a single player mode that has been significantly upgraded with hi-res pixel art visuals, randomly generated game world, and tailor-made touch controls to keep the mobile version simple to learn, but hard to master.

Mini DAYZ is now available worldwide  free of charge, and free of any in-app purchases.