Mini Guns, Augmented reality edition only on iOS

Riposte Games & Co released a stunning Augmented Reality (AR) version of their explosive strategy battler Mini Guns, exclusive to iPhone and iPad. In Mini Guns AR, the player can take full advantage of the AR capabilities available in iOS 11 while engaged in real time battles with friends and foes. Whilst most developers are creating subsets of their game for AR, Mini Guns’ gorgeous art style and high fidelity technology takes full advantage of Apple’s ARKit. Mini Guns AR offers a real time playable map that creates the perfect content backdrop to showcase the new AR experience available on iOS 11.

As Augmented Reality hits the mainstream through iOS 11, Riposte Games is paving the way in exploring the medium and the platform. Mini Guns is developed in stunning high quality 3D and bringing it to AR with the help of ARKit from Apple was a natural fit. While most developers have created new fantastic AR experiences or adapted gameplay to fit AR, Riposte Games decided to make AR enhance the current Mini Guns experience, pushing the technology to the max. This is no small feat considering the game is a real time multiplayer, where players battle in the same session with and against other players, seamlessly synced across mobile, pc and web.

Mini Guns Lead Developer Nicolas Babin explains; “As we were getting experience with Apple’s ARKit and realized the potential of shaping a great experience with Mini Guns, we went all in. The ARKit is brilliantly simple to work with and easy to manipulate and a project we thought would take months has been completed in just a matter of weeks.”

“That Riposte Game is at the bleeding edge of technology is an understatement. To survive and succeed in a rapidly changing technology and business environment you have to be bold as a company, and the team has to be quick to adopt and adjust to new technology,” said Johan Eile, CEO of Riposte Games.AR is another major accomplishment for the team. With our games we have been pushing technologies like artificial intelligence long before Montreal became a hotbed for it, today AI is running from the core backbone of our game all the way to how we sell and market the game. It was a natural fit for us to bring Augmented Reality to iOS devices and address it head on with Mini Guns.”

Mini Guns optimized for iPhone X

With the release of Mini Guns AR, Riposte Games is also taking the opportunity to optimize for the iPhone X. The brand new iPhone X creates the  opportunity for developers to showcase the incredible power harnessed in these devices and Riposte has been quick to capitalize on the opportunity.

Mini Guns has become synonymous with lightning fast real time 2 vs 2 battles. The strategy genre is rife with competition and Mini Guns has carved out a niche by offering unique maps on rotation, a wide variety of factions (and more coming) and unprecedented accessibility and global appeal that makes the game fun and dynamic for players at all levels.

Mini Guns is true cross-platform on mobile, web, and PC and is currently available for free download from the App Store on iPhone and iPad. It is also available on Google Play, Kongregate and Facebook Gameroom and Steam Early Access.