Mini Guns available on mobile devices and web

Riposte Games & Co is thrilled to reveal the global launch date of Mini Guns, a vibrant tactical strategy game set in a beautiful cartoonish world for mobile and web. Players everywhere can choose their allegiances and have their gutsy toy soldiers storm the battlefield in explosive, real-time warfare.

In Mini Guns, players will instantly be able to deploy two factions – the freedom fighters known as ‘The Republic’, or the powerful corporation ‘The Dominion’. Build up ‘Action Points’ as the round progresses to unleash your Minis on the battlefield and deploy sonic tanks, warplanes, and drones as you advance on the enemy base.

Mini Guns offers over a hundred charming miniature characters to collect and upgrade. The Minis are split into three categories: infantry are practical and effective, vehicles are hardy ground units that control the battlefield and siege the enemy base, and air units are devastating machines that can be be used anywhere on the battlefield.

Create an ‘Alliance’ and team up with your friends to destroy the enemy base in cooperative multiplayer, and earn ‘honor’ for your Alliance to reach the top of the leaderboards. Collect and upgrade over 100 figurines – from the Rifleman and RPG to the HA-42 Tank and Bomber. Collect new Minis through exciting gameplay or purchase packs in the store. Move up the ranks through fierce combat and use your loot to level up your figurines.

Work together by trading and requesting Minis within your Alliance to build the ultimate arsenal of collectible mini action figures. As well as the endless hours of fun to be had playing competitively, Mini Guns will offer exciting single player campaigns, fueled by challenging maps and innovative terrains.

Mini Guns is true cross-platform on mobile and web, and will be available worldwide via Google Play, App Store, Kongregate and Facebook Gameroom