MixaMonster arrives for Windows Phone

Turbo Island Games, an independent games development company focusing on fun and engaging, real life skill and arts applications for kids, today announced the exclusive release of MixaMonster on the Windows Phone Store.

Drawing equal parts inspiration from sorting through jelly beans and watching a new generation growing up with access to mobile devices, MixaMonster is designed to let kids create, engage and collect colour in a fun and innovative way.

Beside providing a comprehensive introduction to the colour spectrum and the art of colour mixing, the unique monster designs and character profiles are designed to appeal to a wide age group and to encourage parent and child to interact together.

To play the game, you need to match the target colour by mixing two or more colours from a palette. This unlocks the target colour and its unique monster, which comes alive with charming animations that kids can interact and play with. Unlocked monsters are added to your collection and the unlocked colours can be used to mix new and more complex shades as the game progresses. Other features include:
•Free download featuring an exclusive set of Windows colours
•Premium purchase unlocks 9 extra monsters plus all future packs
•Colour blending framework teaches kids to mix and create colours
•Interact and watch the monsters come alive with jello physics and custom animations
•Collectible monster cards with image and biography

“Having had a lifelong fascination with both colour and peculiar creatures, I can only hope to inspire imagination and creativity in a younger generation.” said Imogen Adams, Lead Games Designer and Founder of Turbo Island Games. “The possibilities of the colour spectrum is arguably, endless, so we have a lot of room to play with creature design and character, that really is the most exciting thing for me!”

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