Hutch announced a partnership with Hot Wheels™ with the release of its new mobile app Hot Wheels™: Race Off. The app is now available free-to-play from the App Store and Google Play. Hot Wheels™: Race Off features 30 vehicles that will be released in the 2017 line of Hot Wheels™ toy cars, including original designs like Sharkbite and Poppa Wheelie, to life-size Hot Wheels™ like the Rip Rod. Hutch, the UK based studio behind chart hits MMX Racing and MMX Hill Climb, has pulled out all stops to digitally recreate the most loved Hot Wheels toys, so players can race off in this high-octane-fuelled mobile game.

Shaun Rutland, CEO of Hutch, comments: “It’s an honour for us at Hutch to have the opportunity to bring a brand we all grew up with to the world of mobile racing. The team have pulled out all stops to create a game that pays homage to the look and feel of Hot Wheels™, whilst providing non-stop fun for casual and seasoned players alike. We’re confident that both the growing Hutch community and fans of Hot Wheels™ will enjoy facing off in a challenging multiplayer environment, along with solo races that bring the fun of Hot Wheels™ legendary toy cars to mobile.”

Buckle up and strap in! Download Hot Wheels™: Race Off from the App Store and Google Play now.