Up & Away is a fast-paced arcade game that’s easy to pick up and a challenge to master! Reach new heights, unlock new characters, collect balloons, and take your place at the top of the leaderboards. Can you soar higher than your friends and dodge the pesky traps that want to bring you down?

Reviewed by one of our players as “asinine and completely pointless yet charming and stupidly addicting! I love it!”, Up & Away is our second game for iOS and our first for Android. Developed over the summer, our goal was to put a unique twist on the endless runner, incorporating a physics-based bunch of pixel balloons that must be guided through countless swinging wheels of death that upon contact, burst into colorful pixel explosions.

Building on what we learned from our first game, Satellite Defense (a tower defense game set in space) for iOS, we pushed ourselves to include more features in Up & Away. Two such additions include achievements and leaderboards – and it’s incredible to watch some of the heights people are recording as they push the game further than we expected. The Android leaderboard is very active, though its iOS counterpart has yet to come online – one of Apple’s internal teams is looking into it and we’re hoping to have this fixed in the coming week.

It’s free to download and play, utilizing banner ads placed discretely in only the game’s Shop and Game Over screens, with none to interfere gameplay. We’ve received over 1,000 downloads in the first week, and are looking to increase this number through exposure and getting the word out. Some of the enthusiastic 5-star reviews we’ve received from players on the App Store include:

“This game is insanely fun and addictive. The retro graphics and huge number of characters you can achieve are all great. Definitely recommend this game, especially as one that’s fun to play every day.” – AndyFrench

“Asinine and completely pointless yet charming and stupidly addicting! I love it!” – Shannsnaoajsiaiaia

“This game is simply addicting! Play at your own peril.” – Bigmac 69 game lover

“Loving all the characters and pixel art!” – Sunnycrest52

Get it here for iOS:
And here for Android:

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