Monster Candy – ‘Bad Candy’, just sweeter

Monster Candy is a strategic puzzle game that challenges the players’ deduction and concentration skills. Developed by LandShark Games, Monster Candy draws inspiration from classic games like Sudoku and Minesweeper, bringing a new and vibrant twist to the well-loved puzzle solving genre.

Eye-dentify the Monster Candy!
Players begin with a board of candies that they need to flip in order to find the good candies and capture the Monster candies. Tapping on a good candy will give you a directional clue of where the hidden Monster Candies are – the more good candies you tap, the closer you get to eye-dentifying the Monster candies.

70 Levels of Deduction
Developed for gamers of all ages, Monster Candy offers 70 levels of deduction solving fun. Discover the simplicity of the game’s early levels which quickly develops into complex challenges that will test players’ deduction skills.

No Ads, No Fuss!
Monster Candy doesn’t have ads to distract players from saving the good candies. As a premium game at an affordable price, players will be getting for what they paid for– hours of non-stop strategic puzzle fun!

Put On Your Thinking Cap & Eye-dentify the Monster Candy!

Monster Candy is available on Google Play Store