Outplay Entertainment, a leading social and mobile game company, announced today that Monster Legacy, a new monster collecting and battling game, is now available on the App Store. In Monster Legacy, players explore secret dungeons, solve challenging puzzles, and capture hundreds of unique monsters to use for battle with friends and foes in this detailed and epic adventure.

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“We’re very pleased to offer a mobile game that is uniquely fun, with long-term playability,” said Richard Hare, co-founder of Outplay Entertainment. “What makes Monster Legacy standout from other games in the genre is the quality of the art style and focus on gameplay longevity, uncommon for most mobile games. Outplay continues to deliver top-notch mobile game experiences on a non-intrusive, free-to-play business model and Monster Legacy is a fantastic example of the type of high-quality fun experience gamers can expect.”

In Monster Legacy, players undertake a journey filled with captivating quests as they tackle tricky puzzles and explore cavernous dungeons throughout the massive world of Arborea. Players train a wide variety of Monsters to take into battle and use to free the land from the dark influence of the Evil Lord Ardur. Trained and captured Monsters can evolve into new forms and unlock powerful attacks. Gamers collect and learn in-game currency as they play, complete quests, and customize their character and Monster’s habitat. A free-to-play adventure offering several hours of gameplay, Monster Legacy has unparalleled depth with more than 20 levels and 70 quests.

Additional In-Game Features:
•Monsters Galore: Capture more than 100 unique Monsters to use in combat against friends and foes in the vibrant world of Arborea
•Heroic Battles: Evolve Monster’s skills to defeat opponents and battle to victory across more than 20 levels and 70 quests at launch
•Customization: Players can create and build ranches for Monster safekeeping and customization fun

Developed and published by Outplay Entertainment, Monster Legacy is available now for free download on the App Store. For more information, please visit

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