MonstroCity, a raiding-strategy game (Video)

Alpha Dog Games releases its next game ‘MonstroCity: Rampage!’ featured in Best New Games on the App Store and Google Play.

This smashing new raiding-strategy game is inspired by pop culture monsters destroying cities with special abilities controlled by the player. “The intuitive tap and swipe controls are unique to the game and allow players to direct their monsters in battle,” says Shawn Woods, Co-Founder & Creative Director of Alpha Dog Games. “It’s like ‘SimCity’ meets the classic arcade game ‘King of the Monsters’ and is a lot of fun!”

Featuring spectacular 3D graphics using the powerful Unreal Engine, players battle and destroy each other’s cities in order to win rare monster DNA. “There are five types of DNA to collect to create monsters of different rarity levels,” says Jeff Cameron, Co-Founder & Development Director of Alpha Dog. “Players evolve their monsters to be more powerful using mutagen to increase their star level.” There are over 20 monsters to collect with new monsters added every month.

“There’s a lot of surprise and delight in the game that gives it a certain charm and supports the wacky monster theme,” says Woods. “From my daughter to my father, the light hearted theme of the game is very accessible for a wide audience to enjoy.”

In the single player story, you are fighting to become the greatest Mad Scientist of all time! Upstart evil geniuses like the notorious Dr. Spotnik and his goons are taking up residence on deserted islands and in elaborate lairs around the globe. Each is vying to take over the world with their monster-fueled city states and fortified defenses.

“Players can join their friends and form a secret Syndicate to ensure their inventions are safe,” says Cameron. “Then they can wage war in massive 50 versus 50 city battles to climb the leaderboards and take over the world!”
Can you create the best squad of giant monsters and defeat cities around the world? Are you ready to smash their buildings, crush their defenses, and steal gold for your own crazy experiments? Let the battles begin. ROAR!