Mushroom Wars 2, award-winning action real-time strategy game (Video)

Zillion Whales game studio is proud to announce that Mushroom Wars 2, the newest game of the popular series is out. Users of iPhone / iPad and Apple TV have the prime opportunity to discover all-new game’s premier.

Mushroom Wars 2 – is a dynamic real-time strategy, a rare for mobile devices representation of MOBA genre. While preserving the classic gameplay mechanics that made the original Mushroom Wars so enjoyable, Mushroom Wars 2 builds upon its predecessor by introducing hero characters, a total visual overhaul, reimagined storyline campaign with episodes for each of the four tribes of the mushroom folk. Even wilder co-op and fair competitive multiplayer make the game spectacular to stream and watch, standing out from its mobile strategy game peers.

Set in a mystical mushroom world, where brave mushroom generals fight for domination, players embark on a journey of courage, friendship, quick reactions and brain-twisting strategic tasks. With brave hero characters, quaint and unconditionally cute visuals, action-packed short-session combat, Mushroom Wars 2 is the ultimate experience for fans and newcomers to the series.
Mushroom Wars 2 is launching exclusively on Apple platforms today: iOS and tvOS. Releases on Android, Steam (MAC and PC), PlayStation 4, Xbox One will follow.

The game takes advantage of the Apple iOS 10 possibilities, including invites of friends into the game through iMessage, animated Mushroom Wars 2 stickers. The version adapted specifically for tvOS supports gamepads.
“Mushroom Wars 2 features that immersive, skill-based fair competition gameplay with deep strategy and tactics, much appreciated by thousands of mobile players and tournament participants of the previous Mushroom Wars series games,” says Andrey Korotkov, Producer of Mushroom Wars 2. “Mushroom Wars 2 will become one of the first touchscreen RTS games with such eSports potential. Friendly UX, charismatic hero characters, and easy controls – we hope that all of this will unveil RTS and MOBA genres for many mobile gamers, including casual players”.

The game is free for download on the App Store.