Mundus: Impossible, Match-3 game is available

Rumbiс Studio, the developer of several critically acclaimed casual games, announced a new match-3 game. In Mundus: Impossible Universe dynamic gameplay meets a captivating plot and galore of levels to explore, all in different style and varying rules.

Every time it seems that the popular match-3 genre is squeezed dry, a new game arrives that puts everything upside down and revives the accustomed gameplay with a bunch of totally new features. This is exactly the story of Mundus: Impossible Universe.

Exploration of worlds is the main theme of the game. The player guided by the wise shaman travels across fantastic planets, explores and renders them habitable by unlocking certain facilities and buildings and populating planets with adorable characters. New options are unlocked for a certain amount of stars. The player is awarded with a star for every solved level of the game. And here is where Mundus: Impossible Universe sparkles.

Levels of all sizes and forms depict fantasy worlds of varying themes: a robotic planet, a flower plant, an Inca planet and so on. Each world is unique both in terms of its visuals and game rules. The goal of each level is different every time: collect gems, remove certain blocked pieces, dig up all the gold and so on.

The player faces obstructions on the way to winning the level: chained pieces that cannot be removed with the first match, crates that impede player’s freedom on the field, frozen or lava pieces, portals and more. Luckily, the player can collect helpful bonuses for matches above three: bombs, dynamite and explosives to clear the field quickly and score more points. Plus, there are hidden extra bonuses the player can find while playing the level.

Like other games by Rumbic Studio, Mundus: Impossible Universe features nice graphics and sound effects and is very friendly. Indeed, this is the game that’s easy to start playing but hard to stop. “We proudly consider Mundus: Impossible Universe to be the best game we ever developed thus far’, concludes at Rumbic Studio.

Pricing and availability

Mundus: Impossible Universe is available on Windows