Mushroom Wars 2, RTS game, on Android

Following the release on iOS, Zillion Whales announces the long-awaited launch of Mushroom Wars 2 on Android, allowing for cross-platform iOS / Android multiplayer gameplay.

Boasting various accolades for the iOS version, Mushroom Wars 2 releases the highly anticipated Android version today letting its mobile gamers unite in cross-platform matches.

Mushroom Wars 2 merges real-time strategy and MOBA elements to create a dynamic, addictive, and compelling strategy game worthy to carry on the Mushroom Wars mantle onto the next generation of gaming consoles, PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

The game includes 4 campaign episodes with over 50 single-player missions in each, all new heroes with unique abilities, even fair skill-based multiplayer, co-op mode and custom games with friends.
“Mushroom Wars 2 proves that real-time strategy genre can be captivating on mobile devices.” says Andrey Korotkov, Producer of Mushroom Wars 2.

The game takes advantage of the mobile platforms’ strengths: touch screen controls for quick commands – mere swipes and taps to control hundreds of units simultaneously; possibility to play anytime and anywhere. Newbie-friendly, Mushroom Wars 2 simplifies classic RTS rules without compromising dynamism and strategic thinking nature of the genre.

Built with eSports in mind, Mushroom Wars 2 is up there with the characteristics of its PC peers:

  • Pride of place goes to players’ skills and fair competitive multiplayer.
  • Unlimited development alternatives on one map
  • Regular large scale international tournaments
  • Played in 180+ countries
  • Average match lasts for 4 minutes
  • Most active player played 17720 matches
  • The longest session lasted for 2.5 hours