Mysterious Lands, Horrifying Monsters And Valuable Loot Await Brave Heroes In ‘Epic Clicker Journey’ (Video)

Epic Clicker Journey has just been released to PC via STEAM™, courtesy of indie developer Cleversan Software and international games publisher PlayWay. Epic Clicker Journey is a free-to-play clicker game with optional in-game micro transactions offering 20 mysterious lands to discover, each featuring unique environments, rules and surprises. Brave heroes are needed to traverse the lands collecting loot, upgrading abilities and battle monsters of unknown origins. Only true warriors will prevail and the weak will fail, unless you impose powerful weapons and clever strategy upon your foes.

Epic Clicker Journey requires you to gather items needed for your quest. A training session will guide your character to increase effectiveness in battle. Meet other warriors as you progress, and team up to conquer the dangers ahead. Defeated monsters can aid you on your quest, and gold collected can be used to upgrade weapons, armor and shield. Select items in the game will have magical powers, whereas others are mundane, and it is your task to discover which is which. The fog-shrouded lands have secrets of its own, and unless you assemble a strong team ready for action, you will quickly fail to an unknown demise in the deadliest of unknown lands.

Epic Clicker Journey includes single-player, multi-player, STEAM™ achievements and trading cards. In-app purchases are optional and not required to win. Download today and embark on an unforgettable adventure:

About This Game
Experience your epic journey. Discover 20 mysterious lands and face the monsters living out there. Gather items and go through training that will allow you to develop your character and increase effectiveness in battle. Force defeated monsters to help you during the mission. Meet the bravest warriors and together conquer the most dangerous lands. Show that you are persistent traveler and held your adventure, even in the toughest conditions.

Mysterious lands
20 lands are ready to be discovered, each of them has its own unique rules. Expect inexplicable phenomena on a daily basis. It is not everything! Specific environment, weather conditions and exceptionally mild pH of the soil is truly made to promote evil – that is why traversing across the lands is so dangerous. Be careful, scary monsters are to be found at every step. But…what cannot be done to save the world!

Horrifying Monsters
In each of the lands you will encounter powerful opponents. Do not hesitate to use all available means. Fight bravely to get the treasure that is closely guarded by enemies.

Marvelous Equipment
Become the gallant warrior. Collect gold and buy awesome upgrades to your weapons, armor or shield and build your frightening appearance among your enemies.

Epic Loot
Do not miss out on the chance to find legendary items and use it against your enemies. Some of them are magical, others more mundane, but surely all worth checking out.

Countless legends came to exist in fog-shrouded lands. They have origin in the bloodiest and most terrifying monsters. Before embarking on your journey, be sure to gather your team. Remember, united we stand, divided we fall!