Nekki Releases Casual Jumping Game, Tiny Bouncer (Video)

Nekki, a developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action games such as “Shadow Fight” and “Vector,” today released Tiny Bouncer, a new casual skill game created by the development team Wooden Sword in Ukraine. Tiny Bouncer is Nekki’s third indie game and the latest offering from its Indie games initiative, which was introduced last year with the aim of supporting small but talented game development studios throughout Eastern Europe.

Players of Tiny Bouncer guide a cute little Ninja through countless vertical scrolling levels while trying to avoid deadly obstacles and enemies and picking up beneficial bonus items. The game controls are easy to learn, but hard to master: the main character of the game autonomously jumps up and down on a trampoline while the player can only steer him to the left and to the right by tapping on each side of his screen.

The randomly generated levels are grouped into episodes (with 5 levels in each episode). After finishing an episode, the user gets into a bonus level, which begins by the character being shot out from a cannon. In the bonus rounds there are no enemies, but only coins, which players can try to collect during the flight.

In Tiny Bouncer some enemies will either support the player or kill them, depending on the situation. Nobody can be trusted! For example, there are characters who catch the Ninja and throw him in a specific direction. Sometimes this can help, but in most cases, such a throw means the end of the game. Another exemplary enemy – Jelly – doesn’t do any harm to the player, but is a parasite who won’t let the player jump from the platform. So better watch out! In Tiny Bouncer even familiar platforms can sometimes come alive – and begin to move under the player’s feet!

Apart from enemies and traps, the player can also find temporary shelter. There he can hide for some time from the cruel world. Well, the shelter is in fact the cannon, and to leave it the player has to shoot himself out!

The game is 100% free to play – in Tiny Bouncer only the player’s skills count!

The game is available for download on Apple Appstore and Google Play

Tiny Bouncer includes awesome features such as:
•Unlimited, random generated levels: The further the player proceeds, the more difficult levels await him, which will unlock new enemies and new possibilities. The amount of enemies increases deeper into the game and they start even to combine with each other.
•Effective brain training: The game not only trains the players skillfulness, but his memory as well. To achieve higher levels, the player will need to remember the position of enemies during the flight up. It will be much easier for him to avoid them on his way back down.
•A vivid, dynamic environment: Different enemies have their own means of movement. Some of them remain static, others follow scripted paths and some of the hardest ones even hunt the player. Even some collectable bonus items don’t stand still, but try to escape from the player. Maybe this is the reason why they look like pigs?
•Many different skins and characters: The player is not bound to playing just a Ninja. After achieving certain milestones in the game, he can control crazy characters like donuts, alarm clocks, cacti, gifts, mushrooms, keys, jelly glasses and many other unusual heroes.