Space Warrior: The Origin Brings Premium Bullet-Hell Action To Mobile (Video)

Nekki, a publisher of free-to-play action games, today announced the global mobile release of Space Warrior: The Origin. Developed by Caliburnus Limited, the one-finger bullet-hell features fully-animated 3D ships, bosses, and combat effects in a neon sci-fi landscape. Fans hungry for a fresh take on the genre can look forward to Space Warrior’s story mode, which hurls the player into a rich space-opera that spans the galaxy. Space Warrior: The Origin is now available on iOS, with Android, Steam and Amazon releases to follow at a later date.

Building off classic arcade gameplay, Space Warrior’s one-button auto-fire input brings premium bullet-hell action to the casual audience. For a more visceral experience, players can switch to the game’s accelerometer-based control scheme when navigating their ship through its sprawling, hazard-ridden levels. As they progress, players unlock powerful upgrades, allowing for complete customization of their ship’s stats and gameplay style. As they unlock additional upgrades, players can build their ship into a hard-hitting dreadnaught, a nimble starfighter, or anything in-between.

“We’re incredibly proud to be partnering with Caliburnus for this release,” said Dmitry Terekhin, Nekki’s founder and CEO. “We’re all long-time fans of the genre and we think they’ve done a fantastic job capturing what makes these games great. Playing it, I’m always brought back to classic titles like Raptor: Call of the Shadows. It’s the kind of stuff that made us want to get into this business. That said, Space Warrior is very much a modern game. Caliburnus were able to get some extremely impressive visuals out of the latest hardware. It feels great to play and we can’t wait to get it into our players’ hands.”

The most skilled players will have their abilities tested in an expansive story mode that sends them to the edge of the galaxy and back. They’ll find themselves pitted against some of the most challenging and visually compelling boss battles in the genre’s history, each one a gargantuan opponent, packing fire power to spare. Every last enemy, boss, and visual effect was built from the ground up to leverage the powerful 3D graphics capabilities of modern hardware specs. The result is a stunning display of graphic design that demands players execute pixel-perfect maneuvers if they hope to save humanity from a race of savage alien invaders.

Space Warrior: The Origin includes features such as:•3 Unlockable Ships, 11 Upgrades: Freedom to customize for defence, power, and speed.
•3 Different Weapon Types: Obliterate waves of enemies with an armory of space-age weapons technology
•9 Story Missions: Amounting to more than X hours of gameplay
•9 Gargantuan Bosses: Armed to the teeth and built from the ground up in stunning hi-res 3D.