New Hero System, Boss Raid updates, and more in Soul Seeker spring update

Com2us announced a new major update to Soul Seeker today. It features a new Hero Combination System and modifications to the Boss Raid Mode. Update details include:

· New Hero Combination System: Players can acquire new specific heroes through a new Hero Combination System. The new system will consist of S-Grade, A-Grade, and B-Grade Heroes, which require various materials in order to be obtained.
· Boss Raid Difficulty Mode: A Normal Mode will be added to the Raid Battle System and awakening materials will be available to obtain Raid Heroes introduced in this new mode.
· New Awakened Tower of Despair: The new Awakened Tower of Despair will be opened where players can fight against the Tower Boss, Despero. Players will also be able to collect the awakening materials and the Devil’s Piece required to summon Despero.
· New Special Shop: A number of special in-game item packages will be available in a new Special Shop. Players can purchase themed packages catered toward adventure items, runes, or a variety of skill-based heroes. New gangster costumes for several characters will also be added and available.

Soul Seeker recently celebrated the first anniversary of its global launch in February and has been downloaded over five million times to date. Players can expect more exciting content including a new pet system, new heroes, and Sky Island enhancements in additional updates to the game in the coming months. Version 1.4.7 of Soul Seeker is available now on App Store and Google Play.