Soul Hunters, Asia’s #1 Action/Strategy RPG, Getting a Major Update (Video)

New Quests and Challenges Highlight Additions to Best-Selling Mobile Card Battle Game

Lilith Games has announced the release of a major gameplay update to Soul Hunters, the tremendously successful mobile action/strategy RPG card battle game. The update features new quests and modes that enhance the game’s depth and challenges. Veteran players will be able to further empower their heroes to face off against a tough new slew of bosses. Fan-favorite hero Arcturus the Ice Dragon, previously a Christmas exclusive, also becomes available in the Hall of Legends Shop with the new update.

Soul Hunters was initially launched in mainland China in March 2014, and quickly jumped into the Top 10 on iTunes’ Chinese App Store top-grossing titles rankings. The game is played by over 80 million people worldwide and far outpaces competitors like Clash of Clans in its native market. The announced game update marks a renewed focus on the U.S. market, which will only add to the title’s current international popularity.

About Soul Hunters
Soul Hunters is a mobile action/strategy RPG card battle game developed by Lilith Games. The Asian developer is a trailblazing leader of the popular action/strategy RPG card battle genre and was declared top Google Play Store developer in 2015. In Soul Hunters, players collect, train, and strengthen different cartoon-style heroes to fight a vast array of enemies.

The game is free to play.

Game Update Details
•Awakening Quests – After heroes reach their maximum fusion level with full equipment, players will be able to begin a new quest to find the last item to awaken these heroes
•Ice Dragon Available to All players – Arcturus the Ice Dragon, previously an exclusive Christmas hero, will now be available in the Hall of Legends Shop
•New Hall of Legends Game Mode – Players, and the guilds they’ve joined, face off against tough new bosses to earn big rewards