Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood on iOS

 Independent game developer Andrew G. Schneider, in collaboration with Chris Klimas and Unmapped Path, launches Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood for iOS.

About Nocked!
Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood is a text-based role-playing game that blends interactive fiction, resource management, and base building against the backdrop of a lushly hand-illustrated Sherwood Forest. Player choices have both dramatic and mechanical consequences that shape the framework of the Merry Men’s resistance against the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Nocked! is powered by Twine, the popular interactive fiction development platform. In collaboration with the creator of Twine, Chris Klimas, the new Twine mobile engine, Disbound, debuts on the small screen with this expansive tale of swashbuckling adventure.

Nocked! features
-10+ hours of gameplay incorporating 400,000+ words of text; no two playthroughs are the same!
-9 romanceable characters, including both same- and opposite-sex relationships. Play as male or female Robin.
-3 customizable bases, each with a unique look and play style. Build your base and see it reflected in the art and story.
-127 pieces of hand-drawn digital watercolor art.