Onagro Studios’ greenlit project finally sees the light of a new Kickstarter campaign (Video)

Möira, Onagro Studios’ action-platformer game, has a Kickstarter campaign scheduled to go live on March 9th at 11 PM (EST). The title will be originally released on Windows, Mac and Linux. Kickstarter campaign — https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1449928723/862700356?token=ad522e53

The campaign’s release is the result of a whole year of work and reformulation of the game’s original project. Since its development started in 2014, Möira went through major personnel changes and was approved on Steam Greenlight. Now, it seeks the audience’s support to be completed.

About the game
Möira is an action-platformer game inspired by the Game Boy era. Even though its aethetics are heavily influenced by the iconic handheld’s library, the title also draws gameplay insights from modern games like Cave Story and Shovel Knight.

The player controls Rubick, a not-so-talented wizard who decides to embark on an adventure in order to find the truth about his master’s disappearance. As he progresses, Rubick starts to unveil pieces of a story regarding an evil villain who intends to change the world’s color properties according to his own egotistical views. In this sense, Möira constantly plays with the use of color and B&W palettes.

The game incorporates elements of puzzle-solving and exploration, as it features a fast-paced combat combined with strategic thinking. In order to progress, the player needs to use Rubick’s prime ability, Mimic, which allows the wizard to copy the enemies’ spells and use these powers against them. Also, these abilities can be combined to generate complex spells. Each enemy has its own resistances, weaknesses and immunities, and its up to the player to find out which spells are more powerful and useful according to each situation.

Onagro Studios has released a demo on itch.io that concisely features the game’s core mechanics.itch.io page — http://onagrostudios.itch.io/moira-demo

Steam Greenlight — http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?l=portuguese&id=256017781

About the team
Onagro Studios is a brazilian game studio founded by Gabriel Amoedo in 2013 and it’s currently based in Belo Horizonte. It has released successful game jam projects in the past like Tokyo 1923 and fateOS. Nowadays, the team behind Möira is composed of five people.

Möira is its first big commercial project, but its members have been involved in relevant market releases before, such as Oniken and Deer Hunter 2005.