Orbital 1 is available on iOS and Android devices

Etermax, the creators of international smash hit app, Trivia Crack, announced the release of its latest strategy game: Orbital 1. The new title sets users on a 3D intergalactic journey to challenge fierce opponents in a rotating competition, shaking up the whole PvP (Player Vs Player) genre with a unique twist.

Let the Battle Begin!
Orbital 1 combines stunning visuals with an electrifying gameplay to drop players into a futuristic cosmos, where their mission is to craft a mastermind strategy and deliver action-oriented mayhem to ultimately become the Orbital 1 intergalactic champion. Players will manage the defense of their fleet in a gyratory challenge that is based not only on speed, but also on precision and strategy, using their unique strengths to defeat an opponent’s fleet and lead their team to victory.

  • Compete against players from all over the world in three-minute rounds of thrilling PvP real-time battles.
  • Lead your units to the stadium, along with your customized captain to destroy the rival fleet before they shoot down your squad.
  • Collect a multitude of epic Unit Cards to supplement your crew and assemble an invincible treasure: wreck rival troops with the monumental Mastodon or combine the brutal Hell Bite with the unstoppable Bonecrushers to pull off a deadly attack that will grant you instant victory.
  • Win reward couriers full of Coins, Gems and new cards to upgrade your units and unlock new interplanetary stadiums throughout the galaxy.
  • Design your deck from endless combinations: pick your best assets, choose your favorite gadgets and implement the strongest defense to defeat your opponents.
  • Join a club to meet and chat with players from all over the world! Learn from their game strategies and take advantage of the Friendly Challenges to up your game without sacrificing your trophies. Build the strongest club and get featured in the Club Ranking!

Orbital 1 Origin Story
Due to the immense scale of the galaxy, encountering other human entities has always been the biggest concern of any civilization. When the different societal groups orbiting around the solar system crossed paths for the first time, a single thought echoed through space: which one would dominate the whole Universe?

The quest for power led to several wars, but in the fullness of time a spirit of fraternity spread around the galaxy, soothing tempers and bringing the different civilizations together. In an atmosphere of renewed peace, the old conflicts found a new ground in which to be resolved: the colossal Interplanetary Stadiums, where different societies  come together to compete in the memory of the epic battles raged by their ancient leaders.

Orbital 1 is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices