Overload, the six-degree-of-freedom shooter game (Video)

Overload, the new six-degree-of-freedom shooter by the creators of Descent, has been released on Steam Early Access. It is available for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

Developed by the creators of the groundbreaking Descent series, Overload features fast-paced combat action in a fully-3D world. Face off against menacing robot enemies in the single-player story mode or in the survival Challenge Mode.

The initial Early Access release features four Challenge Mode levels, a sample single-player level, 12 explosive weapons, and ten terrifying robot enemies. Updated releases will follow every 2-4 weeks. The full game is scheduled to be completed later this year and will also be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The full game will feature a 15-level single-player story mode, with more weapons, robots, and bosses. A multiplayer expansion is expected to be released 4-6 months later and will be provided free to all purchasers of the single-player game.

Overload is in development by Revival Productions, which is owned by Mike Kulas and Matt Toschlog, the founders of Descent developer Parallax Software. “Matt and I have talked for years about doing an updated 6DOF game,” said Mike Kulas. “The pieces fell in place a couple years ago and we started on Overload.” Matt Toschlog added, “It’s been great working with old friends and colleagues on a project that’s so close to our hearts.”

Overload is being designed by renowned indie developer Luke Schneider, who was the lead level designer on Descent 3 before founding Radiangames (Inferno 2, Super Crossfighter, Slydris). Said Mr. Schneider, “I got into game development because of Descent, so it’s been awesome to create a new 6DOF game for the 21st century.”

Overload is a new six-degree-of-freedom shooter from the creators of Descent, currently under development.

The first Early Access release contains:

◾4 unique Challenge Mode levels

◾Infinite and Countdown variants that change the focus to Survival or Efficiency

◾Optional training level for refining your piloting skills

◾One sample single-player level (not part of the main campaign)

◾12 explosive weapons (7 primary weapons and 5 missile)

◾10 terrifying robot enemies